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What's the best method to gain muscle mass without losing agility?


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Aug 31, 2007
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Since each one cancels the other out, what's the best method including cardio routines, diet, and weight lift programs to gain muscle mass and agility??
They don't cancel each other out. Once I started lifting weights i noticed gains in other areas, for instance, without training cardio for 4 weeks I ran a 22:59 5k. If you're looking to maximize both do Defranco's Westside for skinny bastards.
Wow, who comes up with this bullshit. It does not cancel each other out. We need this in the FAQ
excessive muscle mass can reduce agility if you'r elike benching like crazy for muscle mass - but you can def incorporate weights into your workouts and build muscle mass and not lose agility - look at kobe bryant, for example
Well if you somehow throw on 20 odd pounds of muscle fast, then you'll get slower by logic. But as you grow if you keep doing agility work your body will adjust.
They are not necessarily mutually exclusive. You will need to continue to train agility. The issue is larger muscles have shortened and have reduced potential energy. Basically because they are shortened they do not spring as well.