What's next for JDS?


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Jun 11, 2012
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Well, after yesterday what will be the next fight for JDS? Considering that Mark Hunt, Werdum and Overeem have fights scheduled, who's next for the former champion?

1) Immediate rematch against Cain Velasquez;
2) Figth against Werdum if he losts do Minotauro ( considering that he won't fight big Nog );
3) Fight the loser of Big Foot x Overeem;
4) Fight the winner of Mark Hunt x Stefan Struve
5) Fight Cheick Kongo;
6) Fight Daniel Cormier;
7) Fight Todd Duffee ( this doesn't make a lot of sense, Todd Duffee is coming back to UFC now and he is far from the top contenders, but i think it would be an interesting fight, the guy has heavy hands and never been to a decision ).

I think UFC will give him Daniel Cormier and it will be an amazing fight.
well its interesting....

Dana stated if Werdum wins he gets title shot, but Reem is also supposed to get one...

So whoever gets the title shot the other should fight JDS,

Or Josh Barnett JDS would be interesting to watch.
Mark Hunt or Browne.
Hunt v JDS would be a fantastic fight that ever see's JDS get his name back in title contention or Hunt put his name right up there.
Hopefully the next thing for him will be remembering to keep his hands up at all times.
Yes, I'm butthurt.
I fight against Hunt does nothing for him, I know rankings in the UFC don't count for title shots anymore but still.
I can see him getting a rematch. They are one and one against eachother... it only makes sense.
You should pic his next openent after there next fight. Dana said he hurd that jds had his jaw broken. So who ever he fights will probably fight some one else first.