Whats left for Moraes and Hill in WSOF?

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    Going into their fight Saturday I was hype Josh was finally getting his rematch since both have shown growth since the last fight and appear to be top level.

    I slowly realized any result would have left me feeling shitty though cuz whats left for either of them?

    Moraes goes to UFC and Hill dominates the guys Moraes made his name off of? Viewed as a 2nd tier champ while the man who beat him could easily be top 5 in the UFC?

    Win lose or draw both guys are really UFC caliber athletes whats left for them in WSOF?

    A UFC jump probably means a paycut but how many regional guys can you starch without taking the next step?

    WSOF wants to do a "tentpole" type show on NYE in NYC with no match ups with potential selling power. Champion vs champion fights are the only ones I see as having value and would potentially shelve their draws for awhile which isn't good for business either.
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    It's the exact reason why the sport as whole needs to realize that the UFC is the goal of many of its fighters. Orgs like the WSOF should realize that stars they create will eventually out grow what their org can offer them and should help them get into the UFC. UFC on the other hand needs to reward these guys much better then some of the rumored offers of the past to a guy like Moraes.

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