What weight should Anthony Pettis fight at?


Jan 23, 2018
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What weight class do you think he is best suited for?

What fights at that weight have been your favorite?
I don't even know
Merked Wonder like no one else at 170
Pre usada it was 155 so post usada he needs to be at 145 to be competitive. Just being real
155, he will get a few mean losses at 170 and then retire
155. If he's trianing properly, and his diets in check, thats where he's the most fit, and ready. And there's some entertaining fights for him there like, Justin and Dustin.

Although they're ranked too high for him ATM.
I don't even know
Merked Wonder like no one else at 170
He was soundly losing that fight then pulled off the crazy ko. If wonderboy was a killer hed probably have put Pettis away.
Still feel he would have beat Diaz if he didn't fuck up his hand/get his leg kick checked
I think LW is best for him, he has never been a particularly strong guy, he normally gets pushed around whoever he fights, would be worse at WW.. unless he fights strikers only.
He's best as a 155er. Problem is he's been in some wars and he's 32 which is starting the decline big time at LW. We'll see what he's got left when he fights this Diego dude.
155 but his next fight is a tough one. I have Diego beating him.
LW, but he needz strength training his body is light he needz denser muscle he has the frame his cardio may suffer but these new generation of lw's are so big he needz all his weigh-in 155 needz to be tightly packed fw too depleting ww way too small to competitive...
Bellator weight (shit... are you kidding me? someone else said the exact same thing at the same time?)

Seriously, i dont see him beating the current top competition at 155.... Neither at 170...

So its either an extreme cut to 145 or go to other organization.

Unless he wants to keep being a gatekeeper in the UFC be it at 155 or 170. He'll win two, lose one kinda deal there right now. At best.
Those saying Bellayor- is that cause you think he could make a title run there?
Pettis is a lw.