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    what weight heavy bag should i get to increase shin hardening and strength, do i need to fill it with a special substance (eg sand) on my own, or can i keep the substance that they come in? i want one to harden my shins, should i get a 100 pounder or what weight should i get? Thanks a bunch
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    One hundred pounds is a good place to start. The KO Fightgear MT Bags come in 100 or 130lbs., the Fairtex HB6 is a great bag, and the best bargain bag (cost wise) is the Title Classic Banana Bag. Just try not to waste you money on some of the local big box sporting goods stores bags unless you research the manufacturer and model first, as some of them are more a waste of money as opposed to a savings.

    A nice bag will have decent consistency fill, so there is really no need for adding a special fill. And, consistently working it with kicks will condition your shins over time.

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    I wouldnt fill it with sand, after a while it will settle and will be like kicking a brick. Then all you will do is hurt yourself.
    Basically any bag should do, kicking it will strengthen your legs plenty, dont listen to any of that kicking walls or trees, thats just dangerous and could injure you. I would recommend investing in a banana bag as those are meant for kicking. Here is a good title one on sale for 90 (with 40 for shipping)
    TITLE CLASSIC BANANA HEAVY BAG > Punching Bags & Stands > Title MMA
    from what I hear this is pretty hard so if you keep kicking it your shins will get stronger in no time.

    hope this helps, Im still new here so if I made any mistakes please let me know.

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