what type of cup should mma fighters wear

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I would buy the one that shock doctor makes, or get one that's for a hockey goalie and trim the padding around the cup down.
a steel metal cup would be good, thai boxing style should do the trick, I think alot of fighters wear those in MMA
I wear Easton Slider shorts with a standard cup in the...cup pocket. Works pretty well.
I wear those BIKE supporter cups. Nice thick cup with foam padding.
I have just started using the under armour jockstrap with a standard cup, feels comfortable a lot better than a regular jockstrap
Try the cup from Spider Guard its a great cup. Its flexible because it absorbs the energy..I have used it and it protects like a hard cup but sooooo much more comfortable. At first you are skeptical because you wonder how a cup that is flexible can work...but it does...

It especially great in jiuu jitsu cause it dioesnt dig into you when you are rolling like other cups...

While this is a question asked by many newbies, it would appear from watching professional fights that even the pros haven't figured this one out. There are several good threads on this subject in the forum which you might want to search. I will just give my pitch that I don't think the cup is usually the problem, it's the cup holder. I advise against using compression shorts with the cup pouch, but rather a tight fitting jockstrap with cup pouch. From my experience compression shorts don't hold the cup close and secure to your anatomy and it can tend to shift, crushing or shearing its contents. Some fighters have lost a testicle as a result.
use a jockstrap holding the cup worn UNDER your compression shorts. that shit doesnt move at all! a nice steel cup while doing this helps too
You would have better luck buying a cup + short. (or jock+cup depending on your preference) I have one pair of the Jaco and three pairs of the Shock Doctors.

By far, the Jaco set is the best. It is also more expensive. I also don't have big problems with Shock Doctor (slippage) that other people have reported unless I am sprinting or something.
Muay Thai steel cup & Obviously underwear. Works perfectly - the knot can be a bit uncomfortable but I've experimented with different ways of tying it by wrapping around a bunch of times instead of tying a knot and it works very well.
I have a shock doctor, but am thinking about going to the Jaco system.
Wow talk about from the dead.

I'd say go out and experiment. Cos apart from the blatantly obvious, there's also consideration to be made for the type of game your play (stand up, guard, etc etc) and how that'll affect comfort
Thai steel cup is the best I've ever used. I use it for sparring and grappling.

Takes a little getting used to, but all cups do. I wear boxer-briefs, then the cup atop those, then a pair of compression shorts to make sure everything is held in place. Anything other than a full on strike to the groin is pretty painless.

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