What to look for in protein supplements..

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    Here are some highlights from a recent article published on "Picking your Protein".

    The original/full version of the article can be found here.

    The Fitness Blueprint - Supplements - Picking Your Protein

    Check the Amino Acid Content

    "The labels on protein containers usually contain an amino acid listing. Since these amino acids are the building blocks of muscle, a high amino content is highly desirable. Below gives a brief summary regarding the most sought after amino acids. Before a purchase, do some comparison shopping to ensure that the protein you end up with has a high content of the following."

    Leucine is one of the three branch chain amino acids. These branch chain amino acids all work together to provide energy and prevent muscle breakdown. Leucine in particular is one of the most important amino acids in relation to muscle growth. This is due to the fact that leucine stimulates insulin release from the pancreas and even more importantly, enhances the signal for protein synthesis. Insulin isn

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