what to do?



i have a question. pretty much everytime im rolling with my traning partner and i have mount or side control, he will lock his hands around my body. what is the best thing to do in this situation? i guess i can put my forearm on his neck and push up with my body to break his grip, but i feel thats kinda dirty to do when we are just having fun. often times i can reach behind me and break his grip, but he'll regain it soon after. any tips? thanks guys...
thats what you do you hit it right on the head. forearm across neck/face push down
pushing on the neck isn't dirty, pushing the face and nose is haha
ok thanks guys. i see where you guys are coming from, ill continue to do that and maybe he'll stop locking his arms around me. any other tips for when im in this situation?
Go in to a mount if possible. It will be easier to break his grip in the mount. After the grip is broken scoot up on his chest and hit the arm bar.
A trick i learnt is to grab the arm closest to ur legs thats wrapped around you, and army crawl forward. if done properly, it will make a little room for your forearm to fit in and pry the grip loose by pressing your forearm ( elbow if u want to be nasty) into his forearm or inside of the elbow. once u done this, you should have broken the grip plus have an arm with you.

alternatively you could try swiveling to a north south position and sitting on his head :)