What to do with a sprained ankle?


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May 23, 2008
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6 days ago, I went to the MT gym for the first time and I managed to sprain my ankle whilst trying to skip rope. :mad: I don't feel pain anymore but my foot is still a bit swollen and I lose balance quickly when I stand on it. I've read that it helps to wrap the foot but how long would you guys wait to return to the gym or do something easy on the ankle like swimming?
For at least a couple days, stay off of it as much as possible. Until it's sufficiently better, keep it compressed with an ACE wrap when you can, and ice it for 20min 3x per day. Do that for about 10 days and you'll probably be in shape to start training in 2 weeks and feelign good. Do what most people do and ice it once a day for 3 days and it will take MUCH longer to heal.

Put it this way, you can either give it some time and let it heal right then not worry about it, or you can rush it and start training in a few days then suffer tweaks and set backs for months to come.
Damn, that's what the doctor said too. :mad: I know they like to make you rest too much. :mad:

Except that he gave me an anti-inflammatory cream & pills, he said the ice is just to stop bleeding and preventing the feet from turning black. But I'll still follow your advice as it can't kill me.

Look at it this way, until that blood gets out of there and the swelling reduces, the tendons can't really begin to heal properly. How do you reduce that swelling? Ice, compression, and staying off it as much as possible.

Just do yourself a favor, take a break for just 7 days from all sports. During these 7 days, ice it 3x per day 20 minutes per day (if not more times per day). After, see where you are. You might need 3 more days of this. But if you do this, I'm sure you'll be in a position to tape it up and go back to practice just fine. However, if you do that, PLEASE continue icing it at MINIMUM shortly after you compete. Continue to do that for another 7 days.

People often get to the point where once they can return to competition, they discontinue ice. Big mistake and it will drastically slow your recovery. Continue with ice as much as you can until you feel you're 90% (if not 100%) THEN go ahead and be lazy and stop doing it.
If you have rolled it and the swelling is gone but the strength is not there, take a bloody week off and let it heal.

I rolled my ankle in a fight, fought on and damaged it for the next 3 months (ie I wasn't walking right for 1, couldn't kick for another one and by the 10th week I was getting back into kicking without pain
Part of the reason why you want to rest so much and stay off it is that after you sprain an ankle it is incredibly easy to sprain it again. While it may "feel" mostly healed, it still won't be able to balance as well on it as the non-injured ankle. Seriously, you could just be walking on slightly uneven ground and boom, you'll roll it again.

Go to this website and check it out. ANKLE SPRAINS: What to Do, How to Recover, Prevention I am very prone to ankle sprains because of the way the bones are aligned in my feet/ankles (long story) so I've had my share of them. They can take a long time to re-hab from depending on how bad the sprain is, but like I said, even if you can walk on it and there isn't pain anymore, your ankle is still weak. Do the exercises on the website, they will help to strengthen your ankles back up.
Some very light swimming probably wouldn't be bad idea assuming you go extremely easy on it.

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Yeah just heal it and take a week off, you'll appreciate it. Your CNS will too.
yeah, give it a week or two to heal. Rolling you ankle sucks.
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Plus, you can mix in a heat wrap as well. ice,heat,ice,heat. The ice reduces swelling and pain, and the heat increases bloodflow to the area, bringing in healing nutrients with the blood. Really helps a sprain, as ligs and tendons have no true blood supply such as a bone does. Thats one reason why they say a sprain is worse than a break.

The better you initially treat this injury, the quicker you will be fighting again. anti-inflammatories are your friend. good luck to you!
48-72 hours after the injury, ice only. you want to reduce inflammation.

after that you can alternate hot/cold. you are trying to increase blood flow (healing) to the area now since the inflammation should be under control.
Althou you have to beware of not giving it pressure, be sure to move the ankle around in the limits of the pain. while your sitting just move it around gently and when the range of motion gets better move it with more range.

This will help the damaged tissues to get heal faster has there is increased blood flow due to the movement.

It does help. Ive started doing this with all sprains and stuff. Wouldnt suggest it on broken bones thou