What the hell has happened to this place!!


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Mar 15, 2002
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Come on people where the hell is this forum going? its just no fun anymore!!

I remember when i first came on here, it was full of deviant threads and 100% pure funniness (not sure if thats a word, but fuck it!!)

I am taking it into my own hands to sort this feckin forum out again.
i know that, but you must know what im getting at!!!

Its just not as cool as it was.
We need more comic relief to balance out the save-the-world stuff.
What about really rubbish porn?

Surely blurring out the rude parts is sufficient enough. I think this forum is suffering from post Elvis ass whooping snydrome. Hopefully we can liven this place up a little although it's unlikely.

Too many posters are stoner fucks too lazy to type because they are smoking weed. Oh well I just hope something happens that makes the donation to the forum worhtwhile. A donation one of you yanks can make on my behalf I must add.
to much topical crap at the moment, and not enough bollocks
JUST JOKING, I know what you mean:(
What about the other 26.5% of the threads? The ones about you and your friends as you try to gain some attention in your lonely and increasingly suicidal life?
Originally posted by nakedchoke
What about the other 26.5% of the threads? The ones about you and your friends as you try to gain some attention in your lonely and increasingly suicidal life?

I thought it was more like 46.8% but I could be wrong
Percentages are the same in the Metric system
Originally posted by Money

I dont know how you got 26.5% even converting it into the stupid metric system we all know that my posts talk about my incredible business success and me shagging your mom!

I think I'm having to go for the old guilt trip response, my mom ( spelt mum in the UK ) died during sex and my conception so please dont say things like that. Or your dad will feel the wrath of your own arm as I snap it off and stick up his ass!
Money let face it your just a one note joke that only you yourself find funny. So stop trying to reply with humour and get some fucking sleep. You will be needing after selling your ass all week to help pay for your members subscription to onthemats.com your favourite mma site.
Originally posted by Money
2% of posts about angry Brits talking about kicking American Ass which hasn't happenned ...hmmm...ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lennox Lewis is Canadian

what about the 99% of jumped up yankie fucks who need a good kicking from a brit?
Man, the board's in constant flux and it's summer time. Have a beer and get creative. Chalk part of it up to this damn sterile background, it doesn't have the old board vibe.
I've heard the old board background mentioned by a couple of people. How did it look?
Like a moist open vagina waiting to be seeded with the fruitful thoughts of angry young men.
The old board looked liked the dark bliss in an eyelid before the bar's last call.
Well, whatever it evoked, it had to be better than this. This has a whiteout, snowblinding kind of effect. A wordsmith needs something more, how about pictures of great short story authors? A choice in the personal options of several different backgrounds? Bikini babes, authors, guns, fighters, and video game characters should cover most of us.