what the gay kinda technique is this?

At last, ninjitsu steath meets BJJ. When I do that I typically vanish into a puff of smoke and reappear in front of my opponent. :)
Shoulda seen some grappling tech I saw at a karate club. 'Kenpo' karate, sorry.
that's called being smart and doing something out of the box that could actually work! lol.
That's some funny shit. I see some pretty cool techiniques in there though.
thats the technique of the century, levitation at its best
I'd get kicked out of my club for being that gay if I tryed that surfboard thing.

In my variation of the phantom front choke I do a complete moonsault before I land.
I've always thought this choke was called a guillotine choke rather than a ghost choke, maybe i need more ninja training :)
if someone gave me that much room by jumping over me i would make them pay for the sins of the world by nailing them in midair and taking them to the ground fast. if they decided to stand on my back i think rolling real fast would take care of that real quick like.