what the feck happens when u die?


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Dec 18, 2001
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somebody must know....

Do u just rot or is there another step....

What do u think...?
you are judged by The Man.
I was raised catholic to believe that there is afterlife, if your good you go to heaven, if your bad you go to hell. After going to Catholic school for 13 years, I don't believe any of that at all.

I believe you just rot and die and that is it, game over man.

If i am wrong, and there is heaven and hell, i know where I'm going =)
I have no idea. I like the thought of heaven, but the requirements are kinda steep...
You get buried or burned, my friend, no more-no less, just like a dog.
You rot. That's why I plan on being mummfied and mounted on a small train track around my house. I have over 4000 hours of voice recordings already completed.
When I die the Valkyries will come and convey my soul to Valhalla where I will train for the Big Fight that will mark the End of the World.

The rest of you will brew my meade and cook my food and make sure that my every requirement is met.

Might as well be nice to me now...
I'd believe there is some kind of higher power out there. But I'm not a suscriber to any organized religion.

Out of everything I heard Reincarnation might make at least a little sense. Break everything down into it's simplest form and it's an atom or molecule. So maybe if you led a descent life you come back as a housepet in a nice house and get to bang the bitch next door in her yard. IF you screwed up then you come back as the tree that gets pissed on everyday lol

All I know is whoever, whatever, or if there even is a god. It's on a whole different level and I'm not believing in any human interpretatios of it.
If i die i hope my mind is dreaming that im a Jedi in a star wars world.
you die, you get put in a box or burnt and put in a urn.

as for your spirit... well i cant answer that one really.
the tunnel man.....the tunnel.....then the light, the light...then......would be two path......comeback here or be in peace forever......that what i think.
it's sad how many athiests we got on this forum
You know. I was raised a catholic but since have abandoned the faith. It's not that I don't believe in God (because I do) but I don't believe in the concept of organized religion. But my take on the whole situation is that if we die and there's nothing else, why the fuck go through all the trouble of creating us? I don't want to believe that this is all there is. And if this is all. Then why do good things? It just seems really dumb to put us here if you're going to ditch us in a few years.
You know it's sad how many Christians are full of shit.:(

What is the point of a belief system predicated on reward after death?

Hmmm. Maybe it could be to make money or control sheep? Nah. I can't believe people would use god's name for those things.
Originally posted by Smitty
it's sad how many athiests we got on this forum

don`t complain smitty.......i believe in god but not in the way some people do..
After death the muscles in the body cease to contract and depending upon length of muscle sarcomere, rigor mortis may develop in either a relaxed manner or tensed. Some carcasses must be stretched with a tensed rigor in order prepare for viewing/burial. For a carcass to be prepared in such a manner it must be embalmed with antiseptic and preservative. By filling arteries, veins and other various body cavities with the fluid, a temporary preservation takes place of the body. Cosmetic work may need to be performed on damaged facial features or rearranged/missing features for viewing as well. After burial, the preservatives can sustain the body underground for days, but the air tight enclosure is a haven for the growth of bacteria and mold. Decomposition of the body is much more gruesome than if the body was allowed to decay without preservatives and without an "air-tight" enclosure. Bodies that are allowed to decay under "normal" conditions ie exposure to the elements with no preservatives, will bloat to the point of bursting upon which a foul order would be released. This order in turn attracts more parasites and perhaps wild vermin to feed on the oozing, organ splayed, dripping carcass....
It kind of scares me to think that death and what happens after you cease to live on earth, is unknown. I mean, religion has forged our world history, and it has created so many religions upon which poeple have sacrificed their lives, willingly and unwillingly. To believe that their is no after lie and that we were accidentally formed by the collection of organic matter from the Big Bang is absurd. The odds of that happening are too infinite to even imagine. Our earth is not even a speck in teh galaxy in which reside. Couple that with ht efact aht our galaxy is one of billions upon billions upon trillions of galaxies in the universe. TO say htat their is no afterlife or that our being, our self, ceases to exist after death is quite depressing. I believe inteh afterlife but it scares me. The unknwon scares me, even though my grandfather and and grandmother have passed on. My mother and fahter, my brothers, and myself are all going to die someday. When an where is not known. That is sobering to think of.
i wanna go to valhalla:)

as i have said before i beleive it is better to not beleive and be suprised than beleive and be dissapointed

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