What sub. do you get caught with the most/what do you get the most?


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Nov 10, 2007
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For me it is the guillotine. There's this am. fighter in my gym who was a college wrestler and he has the insane wrestler strength and no matter what position you're in if he gets his arms around your neck you're getting choked lol. I don't really get caught in anything else except for the guillotine and the occasional leg lock. The submission I get the most is the triangle. I'm not very tall, but I catch people off guard a lot.

What do you get caught in the most and what do you catch people with the most?
Ha nice, I got caught in a triangle trying to do a cartwheel pass last night, not sure how that happened lol.
I can't say there is a submission I get caught often.. but if I had one, maybe armbar..

As for the ones I get the most, no gi would be chokes (guilhotine, north-south and rnc) with the gi. sidecontrol lapel choke..
Darce/Brabo, Monson.

My N&S defense sucks. And I got a bad neck so even if it's put on incorrectly, these subs start to hurt really quickly.
Subs I get a lot : Head & Arm triangle from mount to side control. Then if they get their arm out, i get the Americana with my leg.

Subs I get caught in a lot: I think neck cranks against the lower level guys. Then if I go with our Black Belt, he gets me in the RNC alot :) haha
I get alot of armbars from the guard

I receive alot of armbars and kimuras from side control :(
i get armbar and triangled alot when my partner is in closed guard. i need to stop putting my hand out there
The submissions I finish the most are triangles and armbars although I've started finishing some RNCs lately. I've only been training for about 2 months so I still get caught with just about everything. If I had to guess what I get beat with the most its probably kimuras and gi chokes.
Get caught in: triangles/reverse triangles

Catch people in: collar chokes from side or rear mount
Not one particular sub catched me. Depends on what kind of day I am having.

I tend to catch most of my opponents in kimuras and guillotines.
i get caught in heel hooks because im afraid of not tapping. if the guys comes close to me heel im tapping.

i catch most guys in triangles
i catch a lot of arm bars and triangles

i get caught in a lot of bent arm bars and kimuras
no-gi i get caught in guillotine's a lot and get a lot of ankle locks.

gi, i get a lot of kimuras and electric chair variations.

that is if i am rolling with mortals. when i am rolling with Lovato Jr. i tend to get tapped with whatever he wants to tap me with..... i love it.
I get caught in a lot of triangles.

Here lately I've been getting a lot of guillotines with no gi, and I seem to catch a lot of people with kimura's in gi.
I get Kimura'd alot, I think RNC is probably my most frequently used sub.
I get Kimura'd alot, I think RNC is probably my most frequently used sub.

Things I get often:
Bow and arrow choke (from rear mount)

Things that get me often:
Box choke
When I am side mounted and I try to out and I always get key locked. I get a lot of triangles. I love triangles