What Style or Technique do you represent?


Oct 7, 2005
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The time I have been in here I have always wondered what style or technique does the people in the forum represent, I always thought by all the discussions that most here would be BJJ but I would like to see what type of fighters are in sherdog.

Ill start by myself I practice Judo, Boxing and some freestyle for fun
I started boxing when I was 10 to 13 in winters because of other sports then took chinese kempo from 17 to present, then bjj for the last three years for cross training I'm 29 now.
boxing, kickboxing, muay thai. HEADLOCKS, lol...
Koei-Kan Karate Do, the martial art birthplace of UFC's best striker Chuck Liddell
I started in Tae Kwon Do about 1970, Till about 2000. In that time I also took Kenpo. After getting subbed by a Bjj guy in 2001, I started Training in Bjj, Muay Thai.
BJJ(Gi and No-gi) and some generic standup on the side.
boxing. i can throw a knee too and do a cupple of subs, but throwing fists is what i like to do.
No indvidual style here just a MMA type fighter.