what part of knuckle is best for striking?



As my background is muay thai obviously i pick the top 2 But my mate uses the bottom 3 when throwing all his punches he says his father taught him to hit that way and it worked best for him.I dont agree unless your thorwing down hammer fists that u should use the bottom 3.Can use help settle an argument?
Good way to catch a boxer break right there...definitely go with the top two.
the only time you'd use the last 3 knuckles is when your punch lands improperly :redface:
It feels like a better punch when I use the first two but hurts my hand less when I connect with the last three.
New boxing was right index middle is obviously for me anyway the best option.Thats that argument sorted cheers.
sonic rage said:
It feels like a better punch when I use the first two but hurts my hand less when I connect with the last three.

that doesn't sound right.
try wiggleing each finger joint where it attaches to your hand and see which one are more sturdy, i dont think you want your hand togive when it impacts,derp
I aim to land with my middle knuckle. Sometimes the bottom two end up making contact, but this is incedental.
Index and middle. The rumor that the last 3 were best came from bareknuckle boxing. So some people feel that this is the best way to hit. When you have gloves on, and you don't hit that hard, maybe it's ok, but if you're at all decent of a striker and if you're not wearing incredibly thick gloves (like 24 ounce or something) then you should really be hitting with the first two.
no no hit with those last three... other whise you wont get the coveted cracking noise when you punch.

downside to it is, its the bones in your hand breaking.
A couple of styles-- like Wing Chun-- advocate using the last three, but even then only for strikes to the body.

A properly-thrown punch will connect with the first two knuckes from the index and middle fingers connecting in a straight line with the wrist and the humerus/ulna bones of the forearm. To do otherwise is to run a high risk of a boxer's fracture.
Yeah the first two knuckles, I got in a street fight one time in high school and hit the guy right in the face and my third knuckle was pushed in ever since, so when punching make sure you hit first knuckles, i just hit him by a wrong angle leading with the wrong side of my fist.
Here you go. The two smaller arrows point to the Boxer's Fracture:


And to quote the site: The Boxer's Fracture (small arrows) is a traumatic fracture of the fifth metacarpal at the shaft and neck of the fifth metacarpal, usually brought on by punching. The fracture is also called a Street-Fighter's Fracture since trained pugilists would not strike with the knuckle of their fifth digit.

Source: http://www.med.mun.ca/anatomyts/radioanat/radiology/ken/boxer.htm