What kind of hand strikes are allowed in MMA?



What kind of hand strikes are allowed in MMA? Because I know that in boxing only hitting with the front of the punch is allowed. What about MMA?
Fist, hammerfist, palm strikes, backfists, some organisations allow elbows, some dont.
judo chops, spinning ridge hand strikes, nipple flicks... etc.

anything really..... just dont pinch or go for the neck groin or eyes.
Anything with the hand, as long as it doesn't infringe against the rules such as eyegouging, hairpulling, fishhooking, etc.

You can hit them with ridgehands and knife-hands, if you want, there are no rules against it.

PRIDE and some other organisations don't allow elbows to the face (because of cuts), but do allow elbows everywhere else.
some amateur mma competitions dont allow punches to the head, some others accept open hand palms

now all pro mma events will allow anything except eye gougin techs
You'll need to specify a rule sets (ie Pride, UFC,...) to get an accurate answer. Generally the how of a punch is not restricted (palm, fist, 'chop',...). However the target may be.
If it's not forbidden, it's allowed.
Pretty much anything, including "dirty boxing," ie the things that are not allowed in boxing.
It is going to depend on the state athletic commission regulations in which the fight takes place. In some states, only open palm striking is allowed or non-closed fist to be more specific.
can you poke a person with you fingers or whole hand? Like some kung-fu master or what not?
Depends on Rulework.
Usually Eye Gougin not allowed, neither fish hookin.
And if you scratch em you might get a warning for showin no sportsmanship by provoking cuts.
If you fight regionally, you might want to check with the promoter or state commission for the official rules...and in the weeks leading up to fighting a particular event, make sure you totally abide by the event rules so you don't f*ck up and do something illegal repeatedly.
uhh I wouldnt risk pokin them, but yeh chops and knife hands strikesare all good