What is YOUR goto move: Side Control Edition


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Jan 9, 2008
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So lets hear it. What is YOUR goto move when you have your opponent in side control.

In other words, which move do YOU find to deliver the most effective/highest success rate?

For me (and I've only been training for about 2 months now) I've recently had some success executing the Kimura Side Shoulder Lock ( http://www.submissions101.com/armlocks1.htm ) because my opponents assume I am attempting an Americana and defend against it, making this move available.

Which move do YOU grapplers prefer from side control?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Once I have a secure side control, I prefer to move to knee-on-belly. From there I have a sequence that I run through that includes a couple collar chokes, arm bars on the far and near-side arm, and a triangle setup, depending on how he reacts.
i put my arm under my opponents leg and grab the far leg, then lean in to get him and pull so he lands on the side and then i step over for the mount. works awsome.
I expose an arm. If I can't get that to work, I'll move to knee on belly and work my sequences there.
From Side control I rarely attempt submissions because I am so light, but I attack in order to get my opponent onto their side so then I can work on taking their back. If its in mma, then knees all day long.
In gi, I've been practicing my papercutter chokes recently. I also like to hook his closest arm with my legs and then go for the armbar on the far side, or step over his head and pull him up for the kimura.
In Gi I'll hold this position much more often. There are lots of nice Gi options with chokes and it's easier to control an opponent with grips when your light like me. I don't spend alot of time in Side-mount without a gi so I often move to North/South to try and set up a choke (North/South Choke or a Reverse Brabo/Bengard choke). In both No-Gi and GI I'll often look for the Kimura at least to establish a figure four grip than I'll step over to Kimura or Arm-bar w/ options for Triangles if swept. Quite often I'll just threaten a regular Brabo Choke and have him turtle on me as I am very comfortable attacking turtles.
Knee on stomach for the points then ill attempt my head and arm triangle - its fucking sweet - ive got it soooo tight now I dont have to switch sides and dont have to do the breathing thing.

Imworking head and arm from all angles now, the down side - my cauli ear hurts like shit from all the grindind!!!!
Arm triangle, head and arm, north-south, "wrap their arm around their own neck" choke (I don't know the name for it". I <3 side control.
i work twister side control and then try and secure in the grape vine to the truck position
kimura or i move to north south force them on their side i have a whole bunch of moves i do once i get them on their side
Used to be just the keylock. When I started, that was the only real sub I was comftorable with. Lately I'll try and go for a kimura crank, and if that doesn't work, go for a half nelson pry to loosen him up a bit. Otherwise I just try to mount.
i think im the only big guy (6'3 205) with crap side control.

the problem is the whole "control" part. no matter how low my hips are i cant ever seem to pin a guy down.

I generally work for the mount the bait an armbar with half assed choke attempts.
Favorite to hit - Far side armbar or the Rickson choke
Most frequently hit - Kimura
I allways try to mount from there, if i can't i try the kimura on the far arm
My side attacks suck, i do teh basic far side triple attack (americana, straight arm, kimura), and work to mount always.