What is the best foods and complex carbs that will help me reduce my BFP?

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by dsyay, Sep 12, 2010.

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    I want to reduce my body fat percentage, it's at like 20.84% right now. I am very new to diets and I heard that oatmeal, lentils, fat-free snacks, and cardio are very good to lose some fat. I am eating a grapefruit every morning or drinking a tall glass of grapefruit juice. Between breakfast and dinner I have 2 bowls of oatmeal or if I don't have oatmeal I would just have a protein bar. I have already replaced all my white foods with whole grains/wheat. I also make sure I drink water 6-8 glasses.

    My main problem is my insomnia. I can't get a good sleep, ever. So I do not know if what I am eating is even relevant to my body if I'm not sleeping until like 5 in the morning for a lousy 2 hour sleep.

    So the shorter version: I can't sleep but I think I am eating right. I'm having a moderate amount of complex carbs from brown rice and oatmeal, drinking grapefruit juice and drinking tons of water, and my cardio consists of 20 minutes of running or stairclimbing.

    How can I improve on my diet?
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