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What is more irritating?


Jan 6, 2008
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Wiping your ass with sandpaper?


Reading the HW forum?

coming in this thread and thinking you actually had something to talk about
I was actually being a lil serious, aside from venting.

The grappling forum seems to have a lot of very knowledgable BJJ practitioners who understand the sport, know their lineage, the history etc. but the HW forum seems to be lacking a real understanding of MMA. I mean Im not trying to put everyone down, there are some guys who really know the sport but most of them just talk out of their ass, its frustrating reading thru 12 pages and 100's of posts to get to ONE that actually has a point to make.

Oh and dfownz....you have posted 7 times in 4 months? I deeply apologize for wasting your time. Since you have contributed so much to this board :rolleyes:
Cheech.... By making such a thread you are dragging the level of the grappling forum doooooooooown into the depths of hell.

Just admit it, you failed. And we will look the other way and pretend nothing happened...

Funny, reading the contents of this thread I would've swore I was in the HW forum.