What is it about Stefan Struve?


Dec 20, 2012
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that makes you think this gu is gonna be a champ one day

He's a good improving fighter, but I don't think he will be champ
fun fact trivia: Stefan Struve was a kickbox champ in

He's really god damn tall.

And stuff.
not sure if it's been said but....

he is like really tall and stuff
All jokes aside, he has the skills (strong punches, slick BJJ) and the natural gifts (incredible reach, good cardio) to make it to the top. Whether he will get to the top depends on whether he can put everything together into one unstoppable entity.
He looks a lot like semmy schilt so he must be a good kickboxer
It's the fact that he won't be the champ, and he's really damn tall, too.
He and the Reem are the first of a long line of Dutchmen
who come to take over MMA after ruling kickboxing for 25 years.
I think he could've been champ in the Sylvia-Arlovski era. Not so much right now.
he's 24 and finally getting better.

At this rate he'll be a top ten mainstay at worst. His win % is actually quite good considering who he fought.
I think he'll be a top 5 guy later on, but not champion.


He is really exciting to watch, his finish or get finished style has endeared him to a lot of fans, my self included. But I really don't think he will ever get the chance to fight for the belt, much less hold it.
Styles make fights. If he keeps getting matched up with weaker grapplers & sloppy boxers, he can roll, like a skinny frank mir. If not to the HW title, at the very least he'll be in couple of title eliminators in his career.

Also, Cain strikes me as another brock lesnar-injury prone type of fighter. The sort who needs to take 9 months off after every fight, causing a log jam in the division. And we'll eventually end up with an interim champ & all the surrounding bullshit.
And then the struves, roy nelson types who are just hanging around can sneak in for a title shot maybe.