What is everyone working on?


Purple Belt
Oct 16, 2006
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I would just like to hear what everyone is working on right now?

I will start. I recently have been working on crossing the arm over from the guard position to set up among other things sweeps from the butterfly position. We recently started working no-gi techniques for the summer, and one technique that I use instead of the sleeve is the shoulder frame (a rear naked choke on the shoulder) to set up many of the same sweeps. So I am trying to keep my game as consistant as possible moving from one style of training to the next.
I am focusing on buttfly guard for about the next month. I never really developed it much. I have noticed that the better grapplers tend to have really good butterfly guards. So for the next month I am going to force butterfly guard until I get better at it. I will mainly just concern myself with sweeps from Butterfly guard.
Yeah I have never really worked on it until now. It seems like a really good time for me to really develop that aspect of my game.
I just received my first stripe on my white belt a few days ago.

I'm 6'2, 170, flexible, long legs... I like to work from guard. I've been working on my guard passing though because that's where I'm least comfortable.
No-gi. Especially sweeping.
Leg locks, knee bars, ankle cranks, heel hooks.
Making basic submissions better: arm bars, paint brush, kimura, etc.
I'm working all guard right now, transitioning all around, as I can't get up on one of my knees right now (surgery pending).
ALL my guards. DLR, Spider, Open, Butterfly

And my subs need to be tighten up. I need to learn more of them too, I am very good at a few and I tap people so I rarely venture out to other subs
Passing the guard, keeping the guard.
I am a newer blue belt...

Against higher level grapplers than myself I'm constantly training my escapes and submission defense. Pretty much the same as always. It's a battle to survive against those guys (purples, browns, even high level blues) for as long as possible without being submitted when I roll with them.

Against lower level grapplers than myself- right now I'm alternating from open guard sweeps, maintaining dominant top position, and flowing from submission to submission in dominant top position. Although this changes from week to week.
For bottom game, I'm working mostly on replacing closed guard and attacking from closed guard. I've worked on open guard for the past few years, never really did closed guard.

I really like the closed guard game where you underhook one leg (or grab the pants at the knee). Flower sweep, armbar, omoplata, triangle, kneebar, star sweep. So many options, plus easy transitions to powerful open guard positions.

As far as passing goes, I'm working on standing passes since I've passed from the knees only since I began. I feel like it's time for me to work on my standing base and my standing passes. Also adding some simple leglocks and attacks from passing (underpass to armbar, triangle against sitting guard).

And top game -- I've got a three choke series from side control that I plan to work on (breadcutter, stepover, and ninja chokes).
Sweeps and subs from guard.

Guard passing.

subs and transitions from top position.
keeping the focus on my guard with an emphasis on full guard sweeps with submission options (i.e. hip bump sweep, if defended, can go into omoplata or armbar)