What is best for traps??

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Oct 21, 2002
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i have pretty decent traps for not training them directly and i'm real incosistent about indirectly training them! Well anyway i'm training pretty hard again. So, i think that i want huge traps. I'm doing hang cleans 3x3 explosively @60% of my max. Speed deadlift6x2 @ 60% of my max. Then i do some power cleans to finish them off. I have for the first time started doing shoulder shrugs. My main question is when you do shoulder shrugs do you do
1. Lighter weights and get a complete range of motion. Or
2. Use a massive amount of weight but not hardly even move your shoulder because the weight is so heavy.
Which is better concerning building huge traps????
Sigh. This is going to go well. Here's a thought though:

Work on getting stronger and eating more. The "huge traps" and such will come with that. Anything from power shrugs, to high pulls, to deadlifts will help. Problem is, doing a set of 20 at some stupid low weight will get you jack. Beyond that, why have size without strength? Intimidation? Your opponent will know how strong you are eventually. Might as well have the strength to back up the "huge traps".
load the bar up with your 1 rep max snatch. Now do 10x3 with high pulls (vary the grip from snatch to clean each set). you can thank me later. Other than that: heavy deadlifts. Sandbag shouldering works well too. Grab a heavy sandbag, and shoulder it (in one swift movement) 50 times in 20 minutes. If you meet the 50 rep mark, up the weight next time.



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