What instructionals do you have and rate them?


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Jun 25, 2003
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I have...

DVDs + Tapes

Roy Harris BJJ 101 V1 and V2 - Great great instructionals, helps a lot on escapes and control. Very detailed. Good for beginners helped me a lot. Helps build a strong foundation in JJ. Each one is about $25

Bas Rutten's Big DVDs of COmbat- Good set but lots of the escape moves require explosiveness. Lots of innovative ways of doing things not seen in BJJ. Haven't tried a lot of them because the amount of instructions are overwhelming. Good for all levels. $115

Frank Shamrock's training Seminar LIVE!- Good instructional if you want to know about common submissions. Nothing advanced. Good teacher, detailed. Nothing on control and escapes. A portion of it is plyometric training. $40( around I believe)

Frank Shamrock's Instant submissions- Again if you want to know some submissions then this tape was made for it. haven't watched it for long time, so my memory of it is kind of cloudy. Nothing advanced( ~30)


Renzo and Royler Gracie Theory and Technique- Great book. Techniques divided by belt levels. Good reference, although one thing I don't like about books is you can't see the actual movement. It's in color so that's a plus( $20)

Fighter's Notebook- Good reference, black and white. Lots and lots of information. Not as detailed as I'd like though. ($80)

Total cost= ~$335 :eek:

p.s Is sherdog's search function down?

Bas Big DVDs of Combat-10/10 So many techniques. I love these DVDs. Perfect organization with chapters and shit and full 2 hours per DVD with no moves shown multiple times since you can hit the back button on your remote.

Mario Sperry Master Series-7/10 Very Nice has a series of techniques so you can chain it together. Very useful on the mat, but Bas has the greatest format for dvds.

Mario Sperry Vale Tudo series- 9/10 This will get you up to speed on BJJ for Vale Tudo. Has the same chain and flow feeling of Masters Series.

Randy Coutures Videos-7/10Pretty good stuff for a different perspective, "escaping the guard" has become a thing I enjoy. Clinch Fighting DVD-10/10 just awesome.

Saulo Ribeiro Dvds-9/10 Very good details and little things people "forget". Half guard DVD is teh pwnage.

Marcelo Garcia's DVDs- 7/10 Its good no gi sport BJJ and usage of the x-guard is great, but I can't get over the dubbed voice, I know I'm lame.

Mike Swains Complete Judo-3/10 eh i guess im biased but I didnt get alot out of it, but I do mostly groundwork...

Marco Ruas Vale Tudo-4/10 its ok but so so so many damn slo mo replays.

Mark Kerr DVDs-4/10 Just watch the takedown and takedown defense DVDs.

Vitor Belfort Boxing techniques-2/10 eh, sorry Vitor, the damn mat is so loud and he doesnt show much.

Gracie DVDs-6/10 Good for Very new people <6 months

Bas Rutten's old extreme Pancrase tapes- 5/10 Just get the Big DVDs of Combat.

Centering Technique the Five Principles by Nodan-0/10 the owner of my school got this in the mail. I think its a joke but you never know.


Mastering Jujutsu by Renzo Gracie- 8/10 Very good for a book with emphasis on Vale Tudo. I like the history in it too.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The Master Text by Gene Simco- 8/10 Sheer size makes up for any short comings, it's massive.( Im not a fan of Gene Simco but this is a very good book)

Renzo and Royler Gracie Theory and Technique- 6/10 Color is nice but some techniques seem.. a little off.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu by Helio Gracie-9/10 for the purpose of Gi Bjj and self defense, this book is great.

Bas Ruttens Big Books of Combat-10/10 I like these books they have so much inside them its scary but the DVDs are always better.

Sorry I don't know the prices on alot of these but you can surely find them.

Depending on your Income I'd Just get the big DVDs of Combat by Bas. or for Gi stuff Mario Sperry Master series.