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Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by USAWrestler209, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. USAWrestler209

    USAWrestler209 Yellow Belt

    Aug 12, 2012
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    I feel like Jones came in cocky and tried to prove he was the better striker. He shot for 0 takedowns for the first couple of rounds, attempted some throws but never commited to any of them. (Throws/Trips =/=

    Jones never was in any danger. He was getting hit and he was hitting back. Back and forth.

    During the grappling exchanges Jones hit a funk-roll for goodness sake. He had no interest in grappling. If I was betting I would be pissed at Jones.

    in the post fight interview jones basically says he did give him self a handicap. "i should be like water, adapt to enviornment or someting" instead of waiting until the later rounds to wrestle, he should of done it in the beggining.

    I think Jones learned his lesson, and next time he wont come in to fight to prove a point.

    I see the rematch going like this

    double leg, ground and pound... over in round 1.

    Shit like this is why I cant be a Fan of Jones... kid is way to cocky.
  2. JonesBones

    JonesBones Excuse my contraflow

    Sep 28, 2011
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    New York
    He did not fight smart. I think he could have finished Gus in the later rounds. He also isn't relentless in his takedowns, if he doesn't get it pretty quick he lets go. But that may help him save energy.
  3. Hermuculus

    Hermuculus Yellow Belt

    Sep 23, 2012
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    He just needs better advice,, he should consult Schaub for a better gameplan.
  4. BAM

    BAM Back in the saddle again

    Aug 13, 2006
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    there are plenty of threads on the fight for you to post your opinion in.
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