What does your Christmas day entail?

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Feb 14, 2010
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Now that the festive season is upon us I am getting in the Christmas spirit, I for one love Christmas, the food, the family, the drink :)

But I'm sure everyone's Christmas day is different, I for one get woken by my mother with a rasher (bacon) sandwich then I get up to exchange presents.

We then go and visit my grandmother as it is here that my family gather, we again exchange gifts with them and head home after a few hours there.

Then the mother makes a massive dinner with spuds, turkey,ham, pork, beef and all the extras followed by my grandmothers homemade trifle.

We then watch a movie or two on TV and have a few drinks, and enjoy each others company.

Gay enough overall, so what's Christmas day like for you guys?
order Chinese take out, make my mom pay for it & deliver it to me in the basement.
For us, it's usually eating out for lunch. Then doing nothing the rest of the day, maybe go to a party for dinner. Pretty boring for the most part.

It sucks X-Mas lands on a Tuesday though, can't have a 3 day weekend.
Wake up, give/recieve presents, go on about my day

Not a Christian family, so it's really not a "spiritual" day, just kind of a practiced holiday.
I go to the movies with my father.

Then we eat at whatever restaurant we can find that is open.
i wake up before anyone else does and go down stairs. i make a bowl of cereal and also drink some milk out of the container. then, with my milk mustachio intact, i begin opening presents. i don't even check to see if my name is on the label. it's christmas bithces, give me mah shit. then i play with the loudest toy, or if there are no toys i smash whatever will be loudest. it is at this time that usually the family who actually lives in the house calls the cops or pulls a shotgun on my ass. after running out of their house i prank call ferris bueller.
I gorge myself on that sausage, egg, cheese casserole that my stepmom makes every Christmas morning. I could seriously put away an entire pan of it. Then we open presents and I watch A Christmas Story about 5 times until it's time for dinner.
Open gifts with my immediate family. Watch a few Christmas movies then go out to one of my family members house for dinner.
Drive around the city trying to find stores or coffee shops that may be open lol
Wake up, go to work, go to parents and get no presents and be mr. smiley for a couple hours before I can leave and hang with friends.

I fucking hate christmas.
Midnight mass with my family followed by presents underneath the tree and then calling India to wish relatives. Then bed and usually out to breakfast. Then I'll probably go over to my girlfriends family house for lunch. Back home for dinner and looking to see if I want to go shopping with my mom the next day for anything. Christmas is by far the best.
Wake up, make breakfast, open gifts between wife and myself, skype with both sets of parents and sisters. Chill, then start an early dinner with friends.
Family, Gifts (& pranks), Christmas Food, watch a couple of movies, hear the Queens speech, then it's all crackers, games & alcohol with christmas specials and karaoke thrown in the mix.

I have quite a large family, so its always a good laugh.
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If all goes well, watching dawn break on a village of losers heartbroken at the theft of their ornaments, gifts, and roast beast....
As a kid I had the idyllic Christmas. Woke up at 5:00 a.m., got my parents up, ate, opened presents, went to grandparents, opended more presents, spent time with about 20 cousins, played with their presents, ate some more, played some more, went home after a full day.

Now, after 15 years of marriage, its get woken up by the kids at 5:00 a.m., watch the kids open presents, then go to my parents or one of two sets of in-laws I have, deal with mobs of kids, try and watch tv with mobs of kids, listen to mobs of kids play with toys with super loud sound effects, not get to watch tv because the kids are watching their movie, etc etc.

Shouldn't have grown up.
Mom cooks, we eat and drink, then exchange gifts. It's my first Christmas home in four years. New nephews should make it more entertaining. Uncle usually comes with his family as well. His wife died earlier in the year and it's his family's first holiday without their mom. Should be awkward but fun.