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What does Josh Barnett do when he is in guard?


Too $hort

Really he is awesom on top and I would hate to be in his guard but what happens when he gets takendown ? what does his catch wrestling backround offer while being in guard.I'm guessing Barnetts gaurd game is weak becasue catch wrestling tends to dislike the idea of working from your back. I could be wrong and Barnett could have a good guard but does anyone know what he would do if he was on his back? I could see barnett beating fedor if he takes him down because barnett is very good on top and would make it very hard for fedor to armbar him
See Barnett vs. Semmy Schilt 1 and 2.

He seems to be a high guard, arm bar to triangle alternating kind of guy.
And he's pretty agressive from his back (vs Schilt), and it's strange to see a guy his size play such an agressive game, coupled with armbars/triangles attemtps.
loved the schilt fight. wicked armbar with blood from barnetts face on schilt and barnett gets the tap then does his throat slice thing.