What Do You Guys Think Of Weidman v Belfort

I think it will be a good test for both fighters and CW will more than likely need a warm-up fight before Andy given his long lay off.

Damn that high kick was crisp!

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Great fight. Weidman has good hands but would need to get it done. Vitor is dangerous off his back. Great matchup.
Didnt look like Belfort wants to fight Silva
Silva should fight both of them the same night....give both a title fight I say
Vitor should wait for Sonnen to fight then do Vitor vs Chael
Vitor would KO Weidman and his fans know it. Thats why they want the title fight now
I'd say put Vitor in against Weidman, or Jacare, or Rockhold, or Costa.
weidman beats belfort then silva.

Didnt look like Belfort wants to fight Silva

this. vitor is holding on to old hopes, too bad he didnt hold on to that armbar and he wouldnt b in this sad situation..

Weidman will have to win his next fight and now that Silva has a new 10fight contract, he wont be ducking anyone
Makes perfect sense, and it's the fight I want to happen. I really hope they make it. Weidman subs him in the third.