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Bama Zulu

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Jul 25, 2005
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Getting taught by a 18-20 year old kid? Do you think if they had a lot of tournaments and attended a lot of seminars that they are qualified to teach a class?
I'd have no problem learning from someone younger than me. If they are qualified I wouldn't care.
yeah if they can teach well they can teach well,age shouldnt be a big factor.
I think that is fine.

I am 20 myself, and I teach for free to beginners at the grappling club at my school. When I was in high school, I taught classes at a martial arts school. I taught both young kids and older adults.

I had no problem teaching 30-40 year old adults even when I was 15 or so. They gave me their full respect because I knew what I was doing. They came to class to learn, and I was able to teach them well. I taught in a more "friendly suggestion" way than a "do what I say" way, but I do that anyway with anyone who is not a kid.

As long as the instructor is capable, age does not really matter.
my instructor is only 24.... he is the best instructor out of the three i have had..... but its still young to be instructing.... if your guy is talented like mine then its fine.
rafael lovato jr. teaches classes at our school and he is 22. he's been teaching for some time and has a lot to share. age doesn't mean anything.
if the guy is a good instructor then who cares how old they are, maybe he started training when he was 10 and now has 8-10 years experience
Hmm, what about somebody who doesn't teach the basics to beginners and just go straight into moves?
I started to teach english to a group of blind students when I was 12, and I was damn good. Rickson taught since he was 13 and got his Black belt at 18 as did most Gracies. Did that answer your question?