what division has the most/deepest talent outside of the ufc?


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Feb 24, 2007
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maybe bantamweight???
there's quite a few 135lbers that are not in the ufc that are talented enough to compete in the ufc. tyson nam, bibiano fernandez, eduardo dantas, marcos galvao, luis alberto nogueira, travis marx, alexis vila, joe warren, marlon moraes, masakatu ueda, rodolfo diniz, lc davis, joe soto, sergio pettis, montonobu tezuka. etc. i think all of those dudes are all more talented than about half of the bantamweights on the ufc roster... disagree?? is bw the division with the most amount of talented guys NOT in the ufc?
i'd say FW.

Kawajiri, Sandro, Straus, Pitbull, Curran, Doo Ho Choi, Kharakanyan, Takaya, Martinez, Shamhalaev, Taurus, Richman, Popo, Fabiano.
Jacare, Rockhold, Mousasi (should cut to 185)

Featherweight. Bantamweight also has a handful of solid dudes outside the UFC (Galvao, Bibi, Moraes, Nam, Dantas)
Fw is the right answer. Xraided nailed it.
FW: Pat and Little Pitbull are top 5 material.

There's guys like Curran and Kawajiri who are either top 10 or legit top 10 threats if they can find game opponents. Daniel Strauss is good too. I'm not sold on many other Bellator FW's but there's definitely talent there.
Tezuka is signed in the UFC.
Also, I think Vila has gone back to Flyweight.
I think WW is pretty deep. Or at least Bellator's WW division is pretty deep. Amoussou, Askren, Baker, Good, Lima, Saunders, and Koreshkov are all very talented.
Good question, I would say MW but now that Strikeforce is folding into the UFC I don't think that's it. Probably as others said FW.
Bellator alone has an excellent FW division and then you have guys like Kawajiri in ONE FC/DREAM. You could say the same thing about BW, too.

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