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What disciplines are encompassed in Shoot Boxing?

chute boxe?

mainly muay thai, with bjj and vale tudo (mma) integration
there's Chute and Shooto (aka: Shoot Boxing, Shoot Fighting, Shoot Wrestling) which are two very different martial arts. I don't know much about Chute but Shooto which began in Japan is a combination of Muay Thai, Jui jitsu, Catch-as-can wrestling and Sambo, which is why many Shooto fighters are famous for leg locks and lock flows.

Here is Yori Nakamura who brought Shooto to America..


i stand corrected, i thought shoot wrestling and shooto were the only names for it. didnt know about it being called shoot boxing, learn somethin new everyday
I know the "Shootboxing" that Andy Souwer did was called "standing Vale Tudo"...which was basically Muay Thai (elbows, clinch, knees, punching, kicks) plus trips/throws and standing submissions...