what determines how easy it is to get knocked out?


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Jan 25, 2005
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Recently started boxing, haven't had a fight yet, Ive only been knocked out once during a kyokushin karate match, muwashi geri (highkick) foot looped around the back of the head... Im assuming boxing is different, ive heard the strength of your jaw is what determines how easily you get knocked out? My jaw is pretty stuffed, it clicks and pops quite often.... does this mean im more likely to get knocked out? .... is it true its best to bite down on your mouthguard , keeping your jaws clenched and tight?
It depends on how hard the puncher that your facing can hit. It depends on your jaw, depends on your movement, are you going to be flat-footed or bouncing around? Many factors depend on it. And just bite down on your mouth piece but dont try and clench on it too much you can burn energy like that, just keep your mouth closed.
learn to fight like bernard hopkins, chin down, hands up, and you wont get knocked out much. im not really sure why some people can take a better shot then others but if your technique is good then hopefully you wont have to find out if your chin is made of glass.
Your 'chin' is based most on being able to keep your hands up, your chin down, and your eyes on your opponent. Like you'll hear pretty often, it's the punch or kick you DON'T see that is most likely to knock you out. Neck Strength can be improved by practicing the wrestler's Bridge, and is a pretty big factor in Knockout protection as well.
Shadowdean said:
Neck strength is a huge factor.

Yeah I have to agree with this, Ive taken some hard punches but it felt alright if I kept my head position nice and stable.
if you have a strong neck it will help cos it will prevent your head from snapping back. also, i beleive that a lot to do wiht your jaw is genetic, cos there doesnt seem to be any known way to strengthen your jaw at all. you can keep your head in the right position to make it harder for the opponent to get a clean strike, but other than that its down to whether you have a glass or iron jaw
This subject has been done to death round here and on the mma discussion froum, so if you search you can get some very nice detailed description of the factors involved in a knockout. But I'll give a quick recap for the terminally lazy.

Two things cause a knockout: concussion, your brain bouncing around your head when you take a whack, if you strengthen your neck your head will move less and therefore your brain isnt being smacked around as much ergo less likely to take a nap; secondly is the nerve bundle which runs through your jaw at the back, take a smack on the "button" and your jaw slides back pinching the nerve and your brain shuts down (see vovchanchyn vs. Bueno ( pride 8 i think) for a great example), biting down on a gumshield will help this as it helps to immobilise the jaw ubt to this end you want a gumshield that means you can breathe with your jaw clamped shut (eg shockdoctors, which have a channel down the middle)
the more u get hit without getting ktfo , the harder ur head gets.
Strong necks definitly help with absorbtion of punches and prevention of neck snapping back, If you see a punch coming your can prepare for impact but when you get hit by a punch that you didn't see your body can't prepare for it and thus causes knockouts, power has little to do with this, accuracy is much more important. I've been clobbered by 230 pound boxers and been fine, but well placed punch from a 170 pound kickboxer made my knees buckle.
Neck strength and just genes I guess. Nog doesn't even have a neck and he can take punches like no other man in the world. It's not human.
Neck strength and genes is it.

Technique wise, you just gotta keep that chin buried and your hands up. If you keep your chin locked down, and hands up, punching behind your shoulder, it's going to make it very hard for the other guy to KO you. He may cut you, bloody your nose, etc., but it's damn hard to KO somebody if they won't expose their chin.
i think neck strength, bone density/thickness, focus, and seeing it coming has most to do with it

i wouldnt bite as hard as i can on the mouthpiece.. seems to me to be kind of vulnerable. i keep my teeth seperated but really tighten my jaw muscles.

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