What can you do to "IMPROVE YOUR CHIN" so you don't get "knocked the hell out"?


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Mar 2, 2008
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Not sure if this subject has ever been brought up.

What can a person do to improve his chin so he is harder to knock out? I realize that some of this is genetic:

1) Bone thickness and jaw size
2) Skull cap size and durability
3) Amount of cerebral fluid in the brain
4) Strength of the neck and length of the neck
5) Whether or not you tuck the chin
6) Some people even think growing a beard helps (hehe)

I've seen some people slap train or get lightly punched to slowly build toughness.

What can you do, or is this futile? What's the smartest way to change a glass jaw into a decent or good one?

I don't believe Leben has the right idea by letting his buddies punch him full power.
The chin was never meant to get his. If your jaw gets tapped, you're going down 9/10.

We've seen the BEST get KO'd. Maybe not Henderson, but in some cases they just have a natural gift.
Bite. Hard. I don't know about actually building up toughness over a long period of time, you'd have to ask someone else about it, but if you're talking just in a fight, then keep your jaw clenched.
It's just like punching power. Some puch harder than others just naturally.

In regards to chin, some are sturdier and more resilient than others. While substantial weight loss and gain can sometimes influence the amount of punishment someone can endure, usually you can either take a punch of you can't.

Guys like James Thompson who are notoriously chinny will always be chinny for the most part, while guys like Henderson and Silva will almost always be durable as hell in the chin department.
strong neck. prevent the whip of your head as much.
yeah I've heard weight training your neck can help a little. that may or may not be true though
I really like the advice about biting hard. Nice point.

I used to think that it had a lot to do with how thick your bones are (like with Mark Hunt), but along come people like Anderson Silva, with relatively thin bones, and with a chin of iron.

I guess you can't always predict it just by looking someone over.
Jack Dempsey used to chew on wood to strengthen his jaw; I prefer bubblegum. Neck bridges really build neck strength. Muhammad Ali took that a step further and was able to put all of his weight on his head upside down, an impressive feat. Bas Rutten always did alot of neck work.
get a friend to hit you in the face with a baseball bat repeatedly. Eventually the nerve will get dulled down and your body's natural reflex won't be to go unconscious anymore.
Work on your neck muscles, always keep your chin tucked in (Henderson is exceptional at this) and spar a lot. Recovery is as important as being able to take the big shot, and the only way to get used to being punched is by sparring. A good mouthpiece helps too.
Alot of fighters train their neck, like Mayweather.
You'll see in those 24/7 videos he's using this neck excerise constantly to strengthen his neck, becasuse alot of times when cats get ko'd its because of the shaking motion the brain has when it gets hit hard, or like how the head whips back when its hit.

I think ultimatly, it comes down to genetics, but strength in the neck couldnt hurt.