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May 9, 2002
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for me i'm at work 8-5 as an estimator and at this time things are slow. ( i'm addicted now) i first started in the mma board and then moved onto the ot board and visited the pic & media boards as well. i still go into the other boards at times. however at times that i wanted to post a reply on someones post i felt that my terrible spelling or lack of great knowledge would make me out to be a imbocile think thats spelled right:rolleyes: . anyways one day i stumbled into here and saw that not to many people where in here to often. so i'm thinking i need more post to get an av and why not post on every thread on this board. figured no one will notice. well conrad chaught me red handed. here i was laughing my arse off replying to everyone post and all of the sudden conrads thread pops up. "art this is not the way". it was at this point that i decided that this board was going to belong to me.(i also enjoy seeeing my name on the left of every thread)

a little about me. i'm 30 years old this october i use to collect comics (now they cost to much). i enjoy saturday morning cartoons ( i record them). i've got three kids ( 2 boys 5 and 9 years old and 1 girl almost 2) marrried for 8 years got married on the fourth of july so i wouldn't forget the date. started fighting to get back into shape. after getting my but handed to me from javi, romie, and jhon i figuered i better learn this jj stuff. i got paid $150 for my fist fight and the extra money was nice that and that i lost 15lbs. my favorite food has to been chinese but i eat just about everything except liver.

well what brought you to this board and give a little bit of info about yourself so that us antiguys can get to know each other. such as did you now conrad is a vegitarian and his pet hamster britney just past away. mma is 19 years old and is in the process of becoming a doctor. then we can get back to calling each other names or what not.
Art This "let`s get to know each other" thing is not gonna make me take it any easier on you once I have fully reconfigured my Chi. The fact that you have three kids will not stop me from melting your brain into goo when our final battle begins.

About me: I am 29, studying to become a history teacher hopefully in 3 years.

I have started weightlifting again for almost a year now and my biggest hope is to one day bench 3 plates a side on the bar.

I love animals but have no pets and my favorite color is red.

Soon I will eat your heart.
good to know you hound. the most i hit in beach is 315 once. i think i'm now down to 295 max since i trying to lose weight.
btw you'll lose punny man.
I am a monkey and I live in Tank Abbott's toilet.

But that is embarassing, so I tell people that I am a 21 year old Chinese-Australian. I study Food and Beverage and I have my RSA (Responsible Service of Alchohol) and will be in the food/bar industry.

I got into MMA through watching wrestling. I saw Ken Shamrock in WWF(E) and heard about this Ultimate Fighting Championship. So I bought some UFC tapes and got hooked.

My girlfriend laughs at me because she thinks I like to watch sweaty men "hug each other on the floor."

I found this site by browsing for UFC and PRIDE, and browsed and read the sherdog forums for a few months before registering.

Art what comics did you used to collect? I used to collect DC comics around Zero Hour and I stopped around when DC VS Marvel came out.

I have heaps of comics in my collection!

Oh yeah, and my main reason for posting here is to spread the word on JIM PAN DO and hopefully take over the world.
Oh, and I used to do Tae Kwon Do and won a tournament when I was 15. My win loss record is 2-1.

I'm unfit now.

spider-man titles, x-men, lobo, spawn, all the good ones i think i've got some zero hour comics as well i've got 15 long boxes filled. i also enjoy a good ol smak down now and then. one day i hope to get into the wwe as ken did as well. because then my wife would have to watch it to see me on tv. she hate it as well.
Well, i am 27, from Melbourne, Oz.

I work at a Jewish school as part of the IT/Helpdesk staff but I am not Jewish.

I used to do some Muay Thai, but a few years ago I blew out my knee while skateboarding and I was a little hesitant to go back to train because of my injury. I do some light training and bag work at home, but that's about it.

Got into MMA by watching Wrestling and some old K1 stuff. Pretty much found this site doing a search for merchandise and got sucked in to the world of the Sherdog forums.

I like all types of music from jazz and blues to black metal and hardcore punk. Don't skate too much know bt like to watch. I like sports and I am a soccer junkie. That's pretty much it

Jimpanzee and Art, I've got a friend who runs a comic book store in Melbourne. if you guys are interested in getting some stuff, I can always ask him.
Shit Pablo I love Black Metal!

Marduk, Immortal, Emperor, all the Norwegian stuff...

I was / am a big fan of the old Bathory records. they were my introduction to the heavy sounds. Them and Celtic Frost.

I like Immortal, Satyricon,Emperor and Thorns.
Art were u collecting during the Age of Apocolypse?

I have the whole set!!

Pablo if I am ever in Melb I might msg you about visiting the comic shop. I havent bought comics in years
Originally posted by PabloPittbull
I was / am a big fan of the old Bathory records. they were my introduction to the heavy sounds. Them and Celtic Frost.

I like Immortal, Satyricon,Emperor and Thorns.

Fuck yeah Pablo!

That`s the good shit!

I like the old stuff a lot too. I am now picking up the Venom reuissues and some old Thrash stuff like Sabbat Uk.

Rock on!
that'd be cool pablo i haven't gotten any comics for awhile as well but i was collectong when the Age of Apocolypse i belive that it was a cross over title that went though all the x-men title right it's been so long i'll need to go thru my stuff. here's a cool link if you guys every wonder what your stuffs valued at.

i'm not to much into punk or loud music cause i work in a bar with live bands every friday and i think i'm going deaf.
are you my wife cause your starting to sound like her. next you'll be making fun of my spanglish.
Well, I am a girl. I like to do gril thing and act girly. Guys are cute. and I am a girl virgin
I am a student at Universty Wisconsin Superior. I will be a Joinior there yet I still have to pick a Major. My Freshman year I was a Music Ed major but I just could see my self dircting band so shompore year I became "Un-decleared." I would like to be a elmemntry Ed major but I don't think I have the grades to get into the schools program.

I am curently at home which is on Madline island which is apart of the Apostle islands. Life is realy laid back. I work at a breakfast place but when I got the day off I read and lounge alot.

I Had a gerbil named Britney that died a little while back and then an animal came and dug up her grave. that wasn't that cool.

This trip home this summer has been a very hard one for me. i am relizing that must of my friends from highschool have gotten into alot of serious trouble and everone here is very depressed. Not alot of hope going around but I am glad that I left my freinds and partying a few years back so that I am not in there situations.

But all in all my life is going very smooth. I'am ready to go back to school mentaly so that is good.

i have a dog named telly and he is right by my side so I thought I would bring it up. Good but dumb dog.
Hound- I have new found respect for you. Venom arn't too bad. The song Ripride is a fav. Are you talking Sabbat, the band that had such awresome albums such as Dreamweaver and A history of a time to come? I grew up listening to the old school bands on noise records like Sabbat, Kreator, Voi Vod and stuff.

Jim- The name of the my friends store is called Comics R Us. they may have a sit on the web, I am not sure. My friend is a batman nut, so they pretty got all the batman and spiderman.
I remeber they were selling the first superman and it was something like $10,000 or something close to that. Real expensive.
Thanks for the respect Pablo. Yes I mean THAT Sabbat with Andy Sneap and Martin Walkyer.

I was not exposed to German Thrash when younger but am gonna remedy that with the classics like Kreator, Destruction and Sodom. I have a limited budget though and Black Metal comes first.

Of course me being a Montrealer I am well acquainted with the mighty Voivod. ;)

I picked last year`s Thorn album in a used record shop and found it ok. It needs afew more spins I guess.

Cheers mate we will discuss this further in the future!
Cool....Anytime time you wanna talk metal, just let me know.
I am now feeling quite nostalgic.
Art, reading your little bio, how the fuck do you get the time to train and to fight? You have to work 8-5, (5 days a week, I presume) you work at a bar on friday's. Then you have the training and the fights to do.
I'm not sucking up but your the man.

TTT Art.