What about this soup recipe...


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Jun 21, 2005
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K, here are the ingredients:

1 big can of Chicken stock
2-3 cans beans
2-3 cans corn
2-3 cans mixed vegetables
2 big onions
1 big can of diced tomatoes
2-3 potatoes
Black pepper, chile pepper, etc. for flavor

Total bill comes around less than 20 bucks (depending on what you get of course).

What do you guys think of it?? Its really freaking easy to make and is pretty damn good, I make it from time to time and it makes like 6-12 servings (depending how much I eat each serving) and I usually eat 2-3 cups of it each serving. Do you guys think this is a good snack to eat when you're trying to gain weight??

I guess I could add more beans since each pinto bean can i'm adding only has 18 protein per can and I do love my beans. I guess I could take out the potatoes and just add more beans too.

Yeah it sounds pretty tasty, but some chicken would add some needed protein and sides chicken is good.