Whar type of conditioning you guys favour more??


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Jan 8, 2010
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Just curious, I've trained both here (Australia) and in Thailand (12 months all up) and was curious as to what type of conditioning you guys prefer? Thai style, being longer slower paced runs, heaps of pad/bag work/clinching, a typical three hour Thai style training session compared to what a lot of farang gyms do which is shorter, more intense training sessions??

For me personally, I like to mix it up, some weeks favouring longer sessions, long slower paced runs and relaxed technique sparring. But then some weeks I feel like I'm breathing fire and want that intensity with everything I do, hard sparring, three minute rounds with shorter breaks instead of the usual four-to-five minute rounds on everything.
I prefer longer stuff. My high intensity days are for sparring and lifting, my conditioning days therefore have to be low intensity.
Train how you would compete.
Although, having well rounded fitness is never a bad thing of course. Depends on how much time you can dedicate to training.
Short bursts for cardio: sprints, pads, heavy bag, sparring, sparring multiple rounds in a row with a fresh sparring partner each time, hell on the mats, etc.

For muscular endurance I prefer calisthenics over weights.
I know many are firmly on the HIIT band wagon these days but after reading that great thread 'How to finally solve your conditioning problem' I keep a good mix of SS low intensity and higher intensity work in my routine. As a general rule you work on your weaknesses.