Well I must leave agian.


Dec 19, 2001
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Sorry Anti, Conrad is out agian.

Not becuase of Art but becuase I am going to be gone for 12 days starting Tuesday. So don't think that you finally got me banned Art becuase I will be back.
sure conrad run like the wimp that you are. what a lame excuse. hope you have a nice time at the looney house. maybe this time away might help you get things in your life back inorder. be well and safe girlyman.
Art Art Art. No running here. This is something I must do and you are lucky that I am going.

well i hope you get back in time to see that i'm a mod. for this board. tanner said that if i post in here every day for the next week that he'll make me a mod.

he really didn't but maybe it could happen.
Please don`t go conrad.

Art would be all alone among the wolves.
Don't worry Art. I will do everything in my power to stop you becoming a mod.

Remember Art, I am anti's true owner. You'll have to get through me first.

hahaaha no problem old man. you should look into getting a wig for yorself. poor thing no wonder your on the computer so much.
well i wasn't trying to hurt your feeling you do look cute. i just think a zoot would be better on you my friend.
Well this will be my last post. I am offically gone

On a side note, glad to see that you guys still found away to go off the topic and onto talking aobut zoot suits agian. :p
Take it easy Conrad. I am sure when you come back this forum will be just as stupid as when you left.
yep. thats what am talking about.
see ya conny.
Bye deare. When you come back the forum will probably be mine.

So that's why I haven't seen Conrad here this week. We miss you!
Originally posted by Hound
Bye deare. When you come back the forum will probably be mine.


So far the forum still belongs to somebody else Hound. YOU FAILED.
I can tell you one thing for sure MMA: As long as you prostitute yourself to Art he will always be the owner and you the employee.

Have no illusions about your place in Art`s scheme of things.