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Weird sounding Pride female announcer



Does this lady's screeching (sp)voice annoy anyone else ?


Ummm i'm not Pride bashing i'm just asking a question... and really err i dont think this thread needs to go on... sooo stop postin' already ! lol
I think this every time I watch a recent Pride event.
There's been a few threads on this, but that's ok you're a new guy. Yes, her voice is extremely annoying.
Braziluvr said:
There's been a few threads on this, but that's ok you're a new guy. Yes, her voice is extremely annoying.

what he said
that's pride's claim to fame along with great freaking fights. they have a cool announcer and ufc gives that blow hard bruce buffer
Braziluvr said:
There's been a few threads on this, but that's ok you're a new guy. Yes, her voice is extremely annoying.

ah, sorry didn't see any recent ones... theres like 1029312930 posts a day so heh... anyone know who she is? Is she suppose to be famous or something
I think she's alright and I got used to her sometimes screeching annoucements.

Edit: The FAQ gives some info about her
I think she is awesome and what makes pride unique and different from other boring american shows
pride puts it on the line making there shows wild and unique and she brings just that to each and every show , her war shriek inoductions make up half a fighters entrance if u ask me and would be an honour to have this so called annoying woman yell my name if I ever made it as far as a pride show

she does a great job entertaining the *** crowds and has my vote also
if u havent already noticed pride really doesnt give much a shit bout u whining americans cause u always find something to bitch bout

long live the war shriek tongue acrobatics of the pride announcer!
die with american cry babies!!!!!
British bull dog is right in a way but anyways what is this ladies name ??? any pictures i really want to know !
I seem to remember seeing a picture of her and she's not hot which is a shame but also she doesn't look asian and yet she anounces fighters name as if she were a Japanese person speaking English. Is she actually Japanese or just playing to the local audiance? Either way I like her voice, it's unique.
She's grown on me so much since I first heard her. Now I look forward to her announcements. She's great!!! Does anyone have a pic of her?
I said i found it annoying but I'm not saying like "god shes such a pain... i'm just saying its a bit annoying to hear (I'm a pride fan)... and this "you americans" thing, I really did not think that comment... was necessary, if you don't like my country for whatever reason (seems like everyone hates America these days) its such a generalization of things. Sure we got some really whiney spoiled kids that don't know shit about what goes on beyond the boarders of thsi country... but come on? Show some class must you say taht just because my location says "Washington DC"... Just to let you know I'm a minority in this country, to be exact I'm Asian, I really don't think my comment was whining, I was just simply asking if the shrieking annoyed anyone else... that is all.

But yes I am an American (Asian American)... and you probably think i like the UFC which i really don't... infact i don't watch the UFC unless its like for free. Having said that i think Genki Sudo would say

"We are all one"
yes her voice is really annoying, but I love it since it is one of the things that define Pride. When I her her announce the fighters, I know it is one of the best fighters in the world
I agree with some of your statements. I really like her voice. I think the Pride audio is far better than any show. I like all the announcers and the fact that the refs are miked. I think the woman's voice is great. I don't find her annoying at all.

What's with the American bashing? I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate some asshole referring to all Australians as decendants from criminals, murderers and rapists. Generalizations are wrong in every way. So chill the fuck out.
If you're talking about the "From Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrazil" chick, then no, it doesn't annoy me. I think it's awesome. The Buffer boys are good, but it's old hat now. It's refreshing to hear a different, unique voice in fighter intros.