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weights and MT?



well guys, i use to try and hit the weights heavy and try and build muscle.. You know the 3 sets of 8/10 heavy and so on...hit the chest and it hurts/stiff for 3 days

Well Training MT twice a week now and still wanting to bulk up but not having the time to hit the muscles real hard and recover between MT so that doesnt suffer!..

is it best to weight train hard but do slighty lighter weight more reps to also build strenght as well as muscle rather than crusifi the muscle i work on in the gym!??

What are your stats and how long have you been doing MT?

And don't do that rep scheme, it sucks for most people in terms of strength gains. It will add un necessary muscle which just means you have to train your cardio a hell of a lot more to compensate.
edit I have a training log

Been doing it for a year and it includes MT, Cardio and weight training in it. You might want to look. It could be complete bollocks, but I haven't lost yet (ok, 5/5 isn't that good, but its better then nothing and just posturing) and it could give you some ideas.
been doing MT for aboput 2 years on and off but last 9months training twice a week and my weight straining now suffereing so want to know whats best to hit them hard and build strenght as well as muscle.....

thinking instead of certain muscle groups a session do all over ? that way it should help my over all fitness and strenght as i seem to have certain body part let me down during sparing!..
Um...if your trying to get bigger and stronger, I believe you do higher sets with less reps. I have heard something like 5-6 sets/4-6 reps to get big and strong. I may be wrong though. Urban would know.
Maybe I should have added that I have been doing the log for a year.

I've been KB since 2001 and MT since 2003, averaging about 3 sessions a week.

The weights I've been doing since 2003, so it kinda just leaps to 'high' weights.

Yeah, 4-6 reps for 6 or 4 sets (respectively) are what you train to get stronger but not bigger (cns adaption).
Head over to S&P to get the question fielded but more strength orientated people (no offense here lads, just pointing out its the wrong room)