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Apr 19, 2008
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The gym seems to be full of fat out of shape guys who work out constantly but because of there diet they are all really fat. Now i will probly get razed for this, howerver i started weight watchers with my girlfriend in january and am in the best shape of my life. I used to be 165 5"6, now im down to 140 (loss of 25 poounds) in 3 months.

The diet is really really easy to do, you can eat anything in moderation. I'm easily in the best shape of my life. I'm benching 180 and running 5-10km 3-4 times a week. If your trying to get in shape, definitly give it a shot.
Got any before and after pics? I've been thinking about doing this.
I looked through an old weight watchers recipe book my mother had lying around. Nothing magical, but it looked pretty decent.
Sounds like you were in shape before

Rounds a shape....right?

I am not trying to offend (unless yopur a troll then i do), but I hope atleast a lot of people are coming here for fight orientated/athletic dieting advice (ok there are noobs and people that get confused, but generally if they survive the ridicule they learn a lot).

I'm happy that your happy with your progress though madam
*reads above posts*

*Wonders if he crossed the line*
*Checks weight watchers book*

*Reads "eat anything in moderation"*

*Eats Doughnut*

*Gains weight*

*Files lawsuit against weight watchers*
So..uh...what are your goals, and how did losing 25 pounds help any of them.
Since your a member, do you think that you could help me get in? I've tried, but I keep getting rejected. Is there like a secret handshake or something that I need to know?
My mother in law did weight watchers and dropped a massive amount of weight. Easily over 200 to like 106lbs.

I have pics, but I don't think you guys want to see a 46 year old lady.
No i dont have any pics. But i always see guys talking about what they should do to get in shape and lose weight. And the only diet i have ever seen that actualy works is weight watchers. I also found with my boxing and bjj training that if you wanto have the cardio to be able to keep up with everyone else you have to first lose the weight.

So the entire point of the thread would be, if you wanto lose that fat so that you can begin to bulk up and improve your cardio, weight watchers is a really good way to do it.
And the only diet i have ever seen that actualy works is weight watchers.

weight watchers basically makes calorie counting easy for people. a girl i knew took it, and lost weight, i got her to explain it to me.

basically, for something around 100 calories, its 2 points. unless there is tons of fat then its 3, or if there is no fat and lots of fiber its 1. and she got something like 22 points a day... so roughly 1100 calories a day.

that means you starve yourself... works i suppose. but maybe not the best method.
You exhist outside of S&P? And you are wondering about weight watchers?

FOR SHAME! :icon_chee

I was just baiting Jenny Craig (AKA the thread starter). You can follow JB's healthy habits and apply a little self control and achieve better results than any diet on the market.

Whats a jenny craig?

Is it female

where the fuck are the pics?
Jenny Craig = Diet "guru" and hero to fat bitches around the globe.

Give me a few drinks.......maybe 10 pints I'd do her

Probably enjoy the calories