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Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by buffpants22, Jul 5, 2019.

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    1. after 10 years of not working g out thusJanuary after being diagnosed type 2 diabetic I started back. Started at 260lbs Lost maybe 8lbs then started keto/atkins in Feburary. I was doing mostly an hour or so of cardio. 5-6 days a week with little weight training up until May.
      My normal workout before late May
      20 minute walk
      Dumbell curls 25-30 reps
      30reps ab machine
      32 minute weightloss on elliptical
      Farmers walk
      Maybe a few laps or incline on treadmill for 10 minutes to end.

      I dropped down to 215lbs by end of May. My goal is 195-200 btw. I wanted to add more weightlifting to tone everything up. So i cahnged my workouts to 4-5 days a week as follows.
      20 minute walk
      Dumbell curls
      French curls
      Ab machine 30 reps
      Crunches 15-20
      Elliptical 32 minute program
      Farmers walk or deadlift chest press every other day
      5 minute run.
      I quit the low carb diet because i was feeling exhausted by my deadlifts and i figured the extra cardio and weight demands would keep my weightloss going.
      Im stuck at 215lbs is there anything i can do weight wise to aide .
      Fyi cant do squats or really heavy weights have a torn meniscus and other knee issues. Don't want to go back to keto if i dont have to.
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    So you know weight loss has mainly to do with your diet, right? Because apart from keto and low carbs, you're not telling us anything here.
    You can go to 10 sessions per week but if your diet is shitty, weight loss won't happen. So what are you eating?
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    Awesome progress. Only trouble is you can't outwork your diet. Keto was helping to reduce the total calories probably.

    You might just need a different mode of dieting to reduce calories further - counting calories works for some. Fasting works wonders for some people, by reducing the window in which you eat it decreases total calories without the feeling of having to restrict every time you eat- and has great benefits for diabetics too. Check out this dude Jason Fung who has treated thousands of Type 2 patients
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    But nutrition is the most important thing! Do you eat bread and rice / potatoes?

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