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weight loss advice needed


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Jul 20, 2006
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I am thinking about entering a local mma tournament. And the tournament is a month away and i am about 50 to 60 pounds over the weight i want to fight at. Is there any ways to lose that kind of weight in a month and still be in good enough condition to fight.
Thats a lot of weight, over 10 pounds a week. Im pretty sure your body can lose about 2 lbs a week the proper way, and ive only really heard of guys cutting 10-15 pounds the WEEK of a pro fight. cutting that each week would probably kill you or bring you into the tourny in such crappy shape you would be better off not to go.
I gotta agree with TJT. 50 - 60 pounds in a month is not possible if you want to be remotely healthy come fight time. I lost about 45 lbs last year over the course of about 6 months. Fight at a higher weight or don't fight, you'll mess yourself up big time trying to cut that much that fast
50-60 in a month... you may die.

even if you starved yourself you wouldn't reach that goal.

janet jackson did the extreme, 60 in 4 months, and you are trying to do that in a month.

postpone your fight for a year. thats my recommendation.
Damn i didn't know it was that bad but thanks for the advice. I guess i will have to get front row seats and just scope out the competition. Hopefully i will be able to make weight at the next tourny.