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Weight gainers for someone who cant eat


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Jul 9, 2007
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Sup guys, I was wondering opinions about what kinda weight gainer shakes I should get my ex to drink. Here is the story basically, she cant eat 75% of the time because she has anxity problems and she basically starts choking when she eats and her body rejects her eating. So she will be hungry and not be able to eat. She is loseing weight fast and her not being able to eat is effecting her body to the point of where the next option is hospitalization. She is on medication and it helps a little but not enough, she is also insanely stressed out so her body is kinda breaking down. She came over last night and we were talking and I had her try one of my protein shakes, she said he tasted fine and she really had no problem drinking anything it was only eating. Now I dont know alot of shakes that make you "gain weight" because i only drink whey protein with no carbs in it after i workout normally. Any ideas on brands, I am thinking the most amout of carbs/protein etc to make up for the lack of eating as much as possible, and making a good step in the right direction
Personal opinion is you may first want to talk to her about seeing a psychiatrist if her anxiety is as severe as you say.
Also, just out of curiosity, why are you drinking whey with no carbs post workout?
MuscleMilk or Cytogainer...but like Devil said...she needs some serious help to get rid of that anxiety problem.

If she can eat some veggies or mix them in the shake, that would be good or buy a greens supp. like grens+ or GNC's Mega Greens.
Also, just out of curiosity, why are you drinking whey with no carbs post workout?

Well I mean like in my shake, I eat the carbs a little bit after i drink my shake. Normally i get home, drink my shake take a shower then cook some food
Yeah she is doing all of those things and she dosent open up to people very easy and I think its gonna take a little bit of time before she sees any results from that. This way she can have some energy and get the stuff her body needs in the mean time.

Also I am looking around on google but does anyone know a cheap site for MuscleMilk or Cytogainer