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Weight Cutting


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Jun 8, 2008
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I am entering into two bjj tournaments on the 21st (white belt gi) and 22nd (begginer -1.5 yrs no-gi). I have been trying to gain weight and muscle for the past month or two and would guess to be around 13% body fat. I weigh bout 190 and stand at a little over 6'3 im also turning 18 in a week and will be competing in the junior division giving me a significant size advantage. i figured it was better to drop down to middleweight 165-184.9 versus compete as heavyweight 185+ I have heard a lot of different things regarding cutting weight and have never done it before. Ideally i want to get to 183 just to play it safe and i find setting the goal of 183 will be helpful so i dont slack off once i get to 184.9 also that way i can up my weight for the tournament on the 22nd and have more energy in my system. I guess im in a position where there is so much out there and i was overwhelmed when i typed cutting fight wieght into google. i talked to a few people. My sprinting coach said drink 8 Litres of water a day and do cardio. the guys at my bjj class werent very helpful and said cutting 5 pounds is nothing just dont eat a lot of carbs, and run, you could sweat and crap it out the day before the fights but i wouldnt want to take that approach. ideally i want to lose the weight sooner versus later. i checked out the warrior diet and some other stuff on this site but im not sure if it will work. i was also wondering if theres any bjj specific method of cutting wieght pertaining to the sport. i eat fairly healthy but cheat now and then supplement wise im on Allmax IsoFlex whey protien which is 0 or 1 g of carbs i believe, muscle milk (which im assuming i should cut out), and manitoba harvest hemp protien (which is 4g fat for 12 g protien or something but also has good amount of fibre making me fart and crap easier) i also have rapid cuts but it seems like little more than a caffeine/ energy pill which boosts your heart rate and gives you more energy to excercise but i only use it on exercise days. sorry for the long post but im quite unsure how to go about losing 7 pounds. also wondering if you guys can reccomond any specifc foods i should eat and what i should do on my fight day (eating wise) b.c the weigh ins are 830-930 so i figure i should aim for 830 so i can start eating/drinking right away. i am also very new to bjj (5 hours of experince) and plan to cram train as much as possible b4 the tourney and am hoping my athletic ability and conditioning will be an advantage over the other team. Thanks for reading i know this was a long ass post im bad at rambling and thanks in advance for your advice.