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Dana's Moonface

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Oct 11, 2018
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I think Conor is talking bollocks saying he is 160

His coaches already said he was over 170 for Khabib whilst looking smaller

I think he is setting this up to look like a greater win and also has the size excuse if he loses

I personally think he looks about 180 and I expect him to cut under 170 in purpose. Similar to the Diaz fights

He will likely weigh about 166-167 on the scales and fool casuals into believing he is that weight walking around

Why would he do that?

If he wins? He looks like a Giant killer that has balls of steel (despite cowboy being on a bad run) and will kill all at 155

If he loses? No problem he was the smaller guy and will go back to his own weight class

Conor once said and I quote "I'm such a crafty individual"

Yes Conor you certainly are!

I saw an interview the other day where he said that he’s 170 right now. He certainly is not on weight already.