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** WEC v.s. Strikeforce: Who was better and why?? **

Geordie "Shadow" Munro

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Oct 19, 2010
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With Strikeforce's final show coming to a close, which promotion do you think did the best over all job???

Fights, production, commentary, whatever criteria, who do you think was better?







Which do you think was better [size=+2]and why?? [/size]

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Wec was far better. The only people who will disagree are those guys who hop on every orgs nutsack that they think can rival the Ufc.
Strikeforce was better because it wasn't just the light weight fighters and I think there was more talent from Strikeforce overall. WEC was very good as well though and there is an argument for both.
WEC put on better fights, introduced the lighter weight classes (a bigger addition then wmma imo) and basically was just a better product up and down (commentary, octagon girls etc)
I enjoyed WEC more and that goes for the pre-Zuffa cards too.

It's crazy that both Blatnick and Bennett are gone.
I liked strikeforce much much more.

wec had the better ring girls though.
WEC, craziest cards i've ever seen.

I would may not know all the fighters, but they would always put a amazing fuckin show.
WEC wins every single category... SF had some great fights (a lot on par with WEC) but production, commentary etc WEC wins by a landslide.
I realize this poll is early but the fact that WEC is just barely beating Strikeforce is concrete evidence that people here don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

Bendo, Aldo, 145, 135, Pettis, Cerrone, Varner, etc > Leftover Pride residue.

And Britney Palmer (WEC) is easily the hottest ring girl who has ever existed.
WEC coz right after the merge, it's rosters had fought/win the belts. e.g. Benson, Faber, Aldo
WEC and its not even close

Pretty much this. Some of the best fights I have ever seen were in the WEC (Henderson/Cerrone 1, Henderson/Pettis, KZ/Garcia 1, and all of Aldo's fights). That, and the WEC guys are tearing it up in the UFC right now.

I guess we'll have to see how well the Strikeforce guys do in the UFC, but as for entertaining fights, you have to go with WEC. I think one of the only strong cases you can make for Strikeforce is Daley/Diaz.
The WEC was one of the best promotions as far as putting on consistently exciting events goes. Most of the matches were relatively competitive and all the events were a blast. Plus, they had a considerably better farewell event.
I'll say strikeforce because i never heard of wec till Ufc bought it
WEC was a hugely better production. And on free TV. Wow.

The fights in the WEC were just on an entirely different level. Strikeforce has had some classics of it's own, no doubt, and I can't criticize the matchmaking too much, but for some reason, WEC cards consistently delivered phenomenal cards.

And the fact that the WEC gave us the Smooth One, WEC takes this in a landslide.

It's funny to me that their respective final fights were so similar to one another.