WEC 34: Faber vs Pulver - What Were You Wearing?

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  1. Here is the breakdown of what all the fighters that made it on TV were wearing on last nights WEC event (taken from MMA Clothing, MMA Gear, and more!:

    Corrections and updates appreciated.

    Kenneth Alexander

    Shirt: Full Contact Fighter NHB Sleeveless Jersey
    Shorts: Full Contact Fighter Carolina Blue Shorts?

    Rob McCullough
    Shirt: Punishment Razor Rob Tee (Brown)
    Shorts: Sprawl Gripflex Competition (Black)

    Chuck Grigsby
    Shirt: TapouT USC Tee
    Shorts: TapouT Raiders shorts

    Mark Munoz
    Shirt: Cage Fighter Custom Blast Tee
    Shorts: Cage Fighter Custom Fight Shorts

    Donald Cerrone
    Shirt: Unknown
    Shorts: TapouT White Board Shorts
    Hat: TapouT Cowboy Hat

    Danny Castillo
    Shirt: Unknown
    Shorts: Warrior Domination Shorts (Black/Red)

    Yoshiro Maeda
    Shirt: Unknown (believed to be an Inspirit Tee)
    Shorts: Inspirit Spec 2 White Fight Shorts

    Miguel Torres
    Shirt: Stagr Side Skel (Coming soon!)
    Shorts: TapouT Brown Renegade Board Shorts

    Jens Pulver
    Shirt: Jens Pulver Cornermen and Walkout Tee
    Shorts: Warrior Domination Shorts (Black/Black)

    Uriah Faber
    Shirt: No Fear Uriah Tee (New style, soon to be released!)
    Shorts: Cage Fighter / No Fear Energy Shorts (New style, soon to be released!)
  2. Tru LiMiT Yellow Belt

    Feb 18, 2008
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    Faber's shorts looked awesome. Do you know a rough estimate of when they'll be released?
  3. Halli_iceland Orange Belt

    Jan 21, 2007
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    Liked Faber's short's

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