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Wayne Cole's arm bar


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Mar 9, 2005
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Did anyine see Wayne Cole submit Mike Kyle this last weekend on the Elite XC card?
I am still a white belt in BJJ (probably will be for life) but am a huge fan of MMA and BJJ.

I thought that it was one of the worst, sloppiest arm bar's I've ever seen in a pro fight Am I missing something? What did you think of Cole's BJJ? I know that a technique doesn't have to be perfect in MMA- whatever works. But this looked awful. Unless I'm wrong...
It was one of the worse, sloppiest armbars in the history of armbars. He gave so much room between himself and Kyle when he transitioned into it, it was ridiculous; not to mention he didn't even get his leg across Kyle's throat initially.

Kyle had several chances to escape, but he just laid on his back, didn't react at all, and waited for Cole to clean it up and sub him. I'm not saying he threw the fight; probably just a horrible amount of ring-rust from the year long suspension.
I was hoping someone would make a thread on this. That's probably the worst armbar I have ever seen in MMA, and possibly even in class.
anyone can make a gif of it or something? or link me to the fight? how bad is it? lol
yeah youtube link or gif please or picture atleast
mike kyle's fault. when he went for the arm bar kyle tryed to escape the wrong way. if he had turned into the armbar he would have escaped.