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Water, how far do you go with it?



Just recently someone posted something on "toxicity," and so I thought I'd make another thread on water itself and what you all think about it.

My mom is a huge alternative medicine freak, and believes water is cure/repellent to all things. She recently showed me something that was at least "magical" to the eyes of someone who has absolutely no chemistry background. Basically she poured Dasani water, Arrowhead water, tap water, and water soaked in this special bottle. She then put a few drops of acid testing liquid (bought from a pet shop for fish tanks). Dasani came out bright yellow, arrow head purple, tap water purple, and the "special" water came out green.

The saying is that if it comes out yellow it is acidic and filled with unhealthy ****ls (hence toxic). Purple is less acidic, and green is of course the healthy water.

The bottle she put the water in has these minerals at the bottom for which spreads throughout the water.

The bottle claims to do the following:
1) Calcium releasing minerals
2) Zeolite ball to remove heavy ****ls (wtf is zeolite?)
3) magnetized ball to increase reduction power (huh?)
4) magnesium alloy to generate active hydrogen (again... huh?)
5) activated carbon to assist water alkalinization

I don't know what to believe to be honest, but I do take the time to pour all the water in it for the sake that my mom spent the money to buy it for me.

Does anyone else believe that one water is different from the other? Does anyone else drink a lot of water the way I do in the hopes that it "cleanses"? Does anyone else drink it for health benefits outside of normal hydration?

I guess I am also just trying to figure out how crazy my mom is haha...
It is often observed that consumption of "hard" water, or water that has some minerals, is associated with beneficial cardiovascular effects. As noted in the American Journal of Epidemiology, consumption of hard drinking water is negatively correlated with atherosclerotic heart disease.[4] Since distilled water is free of minerals, it will not have these potential benefits.

It has been suggested that -- because distilled water lacks fluoride ions that are added by a minority of governments (e.g. municipalities in the United States) at water treatment plants using sodium hexafluorosilicate or hexafluorosilicic acid for their well supported effect on the inhibition of cavity formation -- the drinking of distilled water may increase the risk of tooth decay due to a lack of this element.[5] However, the benefit of fluoride supplementation for any purpose should be cautioned due to potential negative effects to IQ and motor functions.[6]

The costs associated with water distillation have generally been prohibitive. However, distilling water with solar water distillers is becoming increasingly popular around the world; they can be relatively simple to design and build.[

Source Wikipedia

I wouldnt freak about drinking tap water. Since i was a kid ive only drank tap water and ive done really well for my health. Not suggesting it is because of drinking tap water, but ive never had a problem where the doctor has said to me "Son you need to start drinking more distilled water"

I think some people on here say drink distilled water if your cutting weight, but i drink tap water when im at home and usualy i buy bottled water because im too lazy to pack a bottle for work.

I belive a lot of those "tests" are to scare you into buying a product. Im sure it works, but the color is from stuff that everyone alreay knows is in the water and it doesnt really harm you. When a test turns the water purple or yellow i think thats when people start thinking they are consuming something bad.

Just my opinion on it.
I defintely believe there is a lot of salesmanship going on in there. The brain believes what the eyes see.

I'm trying to keep an open mind about it though. Thing is... we always knew mercury was no good but then it was found even the smallest amounts in fish could be harmful for children. Wonder if there is anything in water that can have even the slightest effects OR if there is anything that can be done to make water BETTER.

Perhaps there is nothing harmful about the tap water, but there is water that can be much better in general?