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watching wrestlers in early ufcs

deadlift ryan

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Jan 8, 2006
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i bought ufc 9 and 10 yesterday.
i watched ufc 9 last night and i was so impressed by a guy called mark schultz who beat the shit out of gary goodridge.
he looked like an excellent wresler yet i looked him up on fight finder and he only has a 1-1 record in mma
could anyone give me some background info please?
He has a good headlock instructional out. Accodring to the instructional he used to choke people out with a front headlock (but not the guillotine) so they banned the move from wrestling.
I don't think he ever wanted to make a career out of mma. I think he was just an alternate when he fought Goodridge and the other fight he had was supposedly a work.
Actually, according to Schultz he was led to believe it would be a work and entered the ring believing it was a work until suddenly he got triangled out of nowhere. He claims Inoki lied to him and screwed him out of some of the pay off. He was on this forum previously making quite the hubbub about it.
What do you mean by work? Is that another word for being fixed?