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watching fights from abroad

got tonkaed

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May 23, 2007
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hey guys, in a few months im going to be moving out of the US to South Korea for a job. Having pretty much always had the luxury of being able to get HBO on cable and more recently showtime and hbo in addition to the cable fare, im not exactly sure what im going to do when i leave. I dont really think ill have cable, since by judging by the local lineup where im going there isnt a whole lot id be interested in. However im not really sure how to get to see fights.

Im pretty noobish when it comes to finding different options on the internet, but i was wondering if you guys know about places where you would be able to get fights pretty regularly. Im not talking about anything shady, id be happy to be a paying customer, im just not really sure where to look.

Was wondering if one of you guys may have been abroad at some point and what you might have done to get to see more fights.
maybe you'll get lucky and they'll have it on the MWR channel.